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Bob Andrews grew up in the thick of the 60's British music scene, beginning his musical career in 1966, spending thirteen years on the road honing his Hammond organ and piano skills with cult bands Brinsley Schwarz and Graham Parker and The Rumour. In the 80’s his production credits included “THERE SHE GOES” by The La’s and UK top ten hits for The Bluebells and several Stiff Records artists before moving to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he became in demand as a live performer. He currently lives and works in Taos, New Mexico.

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Bob's latest album, "ALONE", was released on September 25th 2020, and is available to stream on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and many other music services, and to buy as a download at BANDCAMP.COM.

The album features additional vocals by Taosãno musicians Mina Tank, Audra Rodgers and Elizabeth Jose, and the banjo of Peter Oviatt on the title track. Bob played all of the other instruments.

Jay Nachman has written a great article on some background behind the writing and recording of the "ALONE" album. Among other things, it delves into the events that preceded the recording, and thoughts that went into the writing of "LIVING IN THE LAND OF FAMILY DOLLAR". You can access it HERE.

Alone Artwork

"LIVING IN THE LAND OF FAMILY DOLLAR" is a single from the album, and features the wonderful MINA TANK on vocal harmonies.

"SUMMERTIME IN NEW MEXICO" is another single from "ALONE", and features the dynamic duo of AUDRA RODGERS and ELIZABETH JOSE. Both the song and the video were nominated as finalists in two catagories of the 2021 New Mexico Music Awards - Best Novelty Song and Best Video respectively!

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Ajt Roberts has a podcast on Mixcloud called TUNES FROM THE MAN CAVE, and has a 90 minute program featuring a whole catalogue of Bob's keyboard studio recordings over the years. A remarkable feat of investigative audio forensics! You can access it HERE.

Bob recently recorded an interview titled "BRINSLEY SCHWARZ TO NEW MEXICO WITH THE RUMOUR TOSSED IN" on "NOT YOUR MOTHERS RADIO", an internet podcast run out of New Mexico by Eliot Goldstein. You can listen HERE. The extensive chat covered most of Bob's career, as well featuring many of his recordings.

In April 1970, the band Brinsley Schwarz and their management flew 120 UK journalists to the Fillmore East in New York City to watch them play a show. The trip became a media fiasco for the band, and is well documented in Will Birch's book "NO SLEEP TILL CANVEY ISLAND".

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the event, Bob produced a series of eight short videos, singing and playing songs from the band's six album catalogue written by Nick Lowe and Ian Gomm, and one co-written with Nick, "HAPPY DOING WHAT WE'RE DOING".


Bob's Shows are all solo performances unless otherwise stated:

AUGUST 28th - Arroyo Seco, NM - Sabroso, 6-30pm.

SEPTEMBER 4th - Arroyo Seco, NM - Sabroso, 6-30pm.

SEPTEMBER 11th - Arroyo Seco, NM - Sabroso, 6-30pm.

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An organ instrumental that grew out of a little jam a couple of years ago. The song was nominated as a finalist in the Jazz catagory for the 2021 New Mexico Music Awards. The Hammond B3 organ was a huge early influence on Bob's eventual musical career. He thrilled to the sound of players like Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff and Larry Young in the early 60's, and was also fortunate to see great English Hammond organists play live during that formative period - Brian Augur, Georgie Fame, Steve Winwood and, of course, the late Keith Emerson.


August 2019 marked 50 years since the famous Woodstock Music Festival, when 400,000 people gathered together to celebrate music, peace and love in an era not seen before or since. The chaos surrounding the attempt at a 50th Anniversary Festival, and it's eventual collapse, prompted the thinking behind this song, as well as, of course, the very different times we now find ourselves.

Originally released as a single, the song ended up as one of the tracks on the album "ALONE".


Originally inspired by Donny Hathaway's recording of the Al Kooper song, Bob's recording wanders into a reggae feel. It's a style Bob first encountered in his earlier days with the band BRINSLEY SCHWARZ and honed with his work producing THE EQUATORS on their much underrated album "HOT" for Stiff Records in 1981.


"KATRINA REVISITED" is an album of songs that Bob wrote but never released while living in New Orleans through Hurricane Katrina. The pain, frustration, and joy of returning home after the storm is vividly portrayed throughout the recording.

Jay Nachman has written this great article about Bob's experiences during Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. Thanks Jay!


Bob's Hammond Organ record, the third collaboration with lyricist Robin Hunn, was born out of the kind generosity of another wonderful set of STHOF Kickstarter campaign contributors! The band assembled for the recording at Esplanade Studios in New Orleans in August 2013 featured Jermal Watson, John Mooney, Casandra Faulconer, Calvin Johnson, Alex McMurray and, in Albuquerque, the amazing Hillary Smith. The record had a charity release party at the Half Moon in Putney, London in November 2013.


“INVISIBLE LOVE” was Bob's second collaborative CD/Book project with lyricist Robin Hunn, released in December 2012. Development of the CD was supported by a collection of 58 wonderful contributors to the "INVISIBLE LOVE" kickstarter campaign.The backing tracks were recorded in New Orleans and overdubs and mixes in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The musicians on the record were John Mooney, Jermal Watson, Matt Perrine, Derek Huston, Carlo Nuccio, and Alex McMurray.


“SHOTGUN” was the first collaborative project with lyricist Robin Hunn, released in May 2012. It was sold in a combined CD/Book format, partially supported through a grant from the Threadhead Cultural Foundation. The songs were recorded live at the now defunct Piety Studios in New Orleans, with an array of great musicians - Alex McMurrray, Calvin Johnson, Cornell Williams, Jermal Watson, Johnny Sansone and Red Priest.


Bob released his first solo piano CD, "IN NEW ORLEANS", just six months after Katrina.

"When I first came to New Orleans in 1974, I rounded Lee Circle hoping to find a statue to one of my favorite singers, Lee Dorsey. After getting over that disappointment, I eventually found him welding Cadillacs".

In New Orleans

The CD contains one of Lee's lesser known songs, along with other New Orleans standards from Chris Kenner and Ernie K. Doe, and a nod to the King of New Orleans Jazz, Satchmo. There are also great piano blues songs from Roosevelt Sykes and Jimmy Witherspoon as well as the closing song from Hank Williams' catalogue.

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